Plurkies Only - Secret Santa Handmade Swap

This is going to be a simple secret santa swap for plurk sibs only.

The rules are:

1. You must be an active plurky
2. The spending limit is $20 (or the equivalent) no more, no less
3. The spending limit does not include postage (bear this in mind if you plan to send oversea's)
4. The main 'gift' in your box must be handmade.
5. Take into account your plurkies likes or dislikes when putting your gift together, no one wants to be disapointed at Christmas.
6. All parcels must be sent out by 1st Dec 2010 - NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Questionnaire below must be filled out below
8.  This will be a round robin swap (so A will send to B, B will send to C, C will send to A)
9. You will have one partner you send to and one partner you receive from
10. And finally please only sign up if you are committed.

Sign up's will be open until 10th Oct 10, partners will be allocated by 12th, swap begins on the 13th.